Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Local government units now have 20% share from the total collection of Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP).

This sharing is mandated under Republic Act 9514 known as Comprehensive Fire Code of the Philippines that is implemented this November.

According to BFP Regional Director SSupt Eleutorio Iturriaga in an interview with MCJ during their Regional Command Conference held at Azcuna Beach Resort in Lopez Jaena, the new scheme is one of the salient provisions of R.A. 9514.

“In the old fire code, any collection pertaining to fire code fees goes directly to our National Treasury without retention percentage for local government concern, in this new amended fire code of 2008, 20% of the total collection shall be returned to local government unit,” Iturriaga said.

The old code referred by Iturriaga was Presidential 1185 that was amended by the new law.

He emphasized that their agency will not intervene to LGU on how they will appropriate their share.

“18% (from remaining 80%) shall be addressed by our National Treasury through the Department of Budget and Management in the acquisition of fire trucks, fire fighting equipments and accessories, and construction of more buildings,” he added.

The inclusion of the sharing provision in the code hopes to encourage LGU to help the BFP in the implementation of the new fire code especially collection of fees mandated under the law.

“Kapag malaki yong collection sa fire station with their (LGU) help, malaki rin yong mabalik sa kanila,” he emphasized.

The new code also provides wider scope on fire safety measures to residential, commercial and industrial buildings. It has also revised some policies on the process of securing fire safety permits and conducting fire inspection on every establishment.

“We are appealing to all local government units to help us. We cannot attain this without their support. Tabangan gud natun ang Bureau of Fire Protection,” he appealed.

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